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Fairy Dust Scented Spray

Fairy Dust Scented Spray

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Discover our scented sprays, perfect for scenting your interior!

100ml spray composed of simple ingredients: perfume base + Grasse perfume.

Usage tips :

  • Shake the spray before use
  • Spray at a distance of +/- 10 cm from the surface to avoid any halo
  • Do not allow children to be carried
  • Do not spray on baby's linen or animals
  • Do not spray in eyes or on skin
  • (in case of contact with eyes, rinse with clean water)
  • Do not spray on fragile materials (fabric, leather, etc.)

The fragrance "Fairy Dust": ALDEHYDE C16 (77-83-8), COUMARINE (91-64-5), FURANEOL (3658-77-3), HELIOTROPINE (120-57-0). Can produce an allergic reaction.

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